lights, camera, action

Lovely day yesterday with Reuben from Trapeze Films who came to film me in my kitchen reciting ‘Now I Can Make Scones’.

This surprised me in a few ways: firstly, I learned the poem and remembered it, and kept on remembering it for the four or five goes it took for Reuben to be happy. Gold star for Jane on that one.

Secondly, I never have my photograph taken if possible. Since 1975 there are weddings I have been to where I have managed not to be in the photographs so a video would normally be out of the question.

And being lazy although I thought it would be a good idea to be filmed in my kitchen, surrounded by kitchenware and plates of scones, because I really can make a good scone courtesy of my cousin Chris who taught me, I never actually thought it would happen. Thanks there to a small pot of Offa’s Press funding and to Emma Purshouse who knows everyone and organised it.

The last surprise was how much I enjoyed it. Not to the point I would want to do it for a living, it took longer than I thought it would and how many scones can a girl butter and nudge around a plate artistically?

I sent Reuben away with a bag of scones, had scones for tea and enough left over for breakfast but will not be making scones again for a while.

Very pleased to have a photogenic kitchen. Only one thing I won’t be doing is looking at it, I do have my red lines…

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